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The Port of Mariehamn is located in the southern part of Åland. It is one of Finland’s three largest ports for passenger vessels.

The Captains' pages will provide information important for vessel operators taking part in the Tall Ships Races in Mariehamn 2024.

Mariehamn, the capital of Åland, has had the honour and privilege of hosting tall ship events on four different occasions during the late 1980s and the early 2000s. When welcoming the vessels taking part in the Tall Ships Races 2024 it will be the second time as an official Host Port.

Government vessels participating in the Tall Ships Races event must have a permission to enter the country, as required by the Territorial Surveillance Act. Only members of the permanent crew of the vessels are entitled to wear a military uniform without a specific permission. If other persons on board the vessels are to wear a military uniform, they need a permission for a military person to enter the country. The applications for permission to enter the country must be submitted to the Finnish Defence Command through the embassy of the sending State.

At Sail Training International's website you can already see a list of ships sailing Cruise-in-Company Two – Turku to Mariehamn and ships competing in the final race, Race Three – Mariehamn to Szczecin. Keep checking back to see more ships as they enter the races. Have your ship joined the races?

It’s a place of the sea, it’s all about the sea, all the people are involved in the sea, they have a history that is unsurpassed by anybody so we are making a pilgrimage to the port, as I say.

- Robin Duchesne, former TSR Committee Chairman, about Mariehamn as host port 1988.

Dan Wikingson
Chief Harbour Officer,
Tall Ships Races Mariehamn

+358 (0)457 3613 246