Event Area


Mariehamn is easy to discover by foot. It is only a ten-minute walk trough the Esplanade from one harbour to the other.

All ships during the Tall Ships Races 2024 will be moored within a 1 km area in the western harbour. Close to Ålands jewel, the sailing ship Pommern.

For more information about vendors, street food and servings visit our page Food and market. If you want to know more about what's happening on the stages and activities in the event area, please read our Program.

Open hours for the event area

11–20 Market and street food
11–24 Restaurants and bars

Printable map

Do you want the event map as PDF-document or to print on paper? Click on the link below.

Open the event map (pdf, 520 kB)

Map of Mariehamn. Emergency number is 112.

All ships by name on our Google Map

This map will be updated with the name, image and country of each ship. Their place will be assigned as they arrive. By Wednesday 24th at noon all ships will be anchored in our harbour. Then, by latest, all names will have been added.