Port Services


The berthing area is concentrated and it is easy to operate for the Port of Mariehamn that provide all necessary service to the vessels, such as water supply and refuse disposal. And of course there will be no harbour fees for the participating vessels.

Two tugs will be available for assisting A-ships on arrival and departure. Minor “Follow me” boats will be able to assist (push) B ships on arrival. Communication vessels will be provided and staffed by the yacht club, in accordance with the Host Port Manual.

Refuelling is possible by truck on all jetties. For smooth handling it is recommended that the ship or the ships has an agent contact with Baltic Bunkering 3 days in advance. For minor quantities it is possible for the vessel to pay by credit card.

Fresh water will be provided by the port service during the service hours every morning at 06-10 am, this must be ordered the day before via the ships Liaison Officers (LO). The ships in areas close to C and D ships will have taps and hoses.

All refuse will be collected directly from the ships by port service. The collection will take place during the service hours every morning at 06-10 am. The service must be ordered via the ships LO the day before. Dedicated and adequate showers, toilets and laundry facilities as well as toilets for public visitors will be available throughout the area.

In the Port of Mariehamn the electricity supply is well developed. We can provide electricity to all ships that are moored at the quayside.

Port of Mariehamn and pilot
  • Pilot position: 60 01,0N 019 51,0E
  • Distance from Pilot position to jetty: 5 nm
  • Max draft: 8,2 meters
  • No air draft restrictions
  • The pilotage is compulsory for all ships with a length more than 70 meters and a width more than 14 meters
  • The number of pilots available for Port of Mariehamn is today 5 (www.finnpilot.fi)
Electricity, phone and internet
  • 400/230V, 50 Hz. The connection will be close to the vessel at the quayside
  • Ships cables: If the ship uses another voltage than 50Hz an adapter must be used
  • Running the auxiliary engine must in all cases be avoided due to environmental and
    noise concerns
  • Telephones and internet-access will be provided as described in the Host Port Manual
VHF channels
  • Archipelago VTS working channel is: VHF channel 71
  • Pilots working channel is: VHF channel 13
  • VHF channel 72 is possible to use ship to ship or ship to port
Pontoons and boarding ladders
  • Tidal: N/A
  • Ships gangways are to be used

The Port of Mariehamn is a Sail Training friendly port. Some of you visited us last summer and I hope more of you will come. Just call us and we will do our very best to give you a great experience when you visit
our port.

- Helena Jansson, Harbour Master,
Port of Mariehamn.

Dan Wikingson
Chief Harbour Officer,
Tall Ships Races Mariehamn

+358 (0)457 3613 246