Mooring plan


In the Port of Mariehamn double berthing is necessary. Traditionally the tall ships where moored like this during their summer stop overs in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

When establishing the mooring plan, we will consider factors such as: length, draught and freeboard, special requests from ship captains, rig construction, requests on daysailing, open deck and deck events. We will mix nationalities within the fleet and also consider the Parade of sail and the number of pilots, within the area.

Dan Wikingson
Chief Harbour Officer,
Tall Ships Races Mariehamn

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map of western harbour

The map above of the Western Harbour in Mariehamn illustrates an example of a mooring plan, described below in text.

Berths along the West Harbour, from north to south:

Maritime safety centre
• Concrete berths 2 x 40 meters
• Deep 5,2 meters
• Suitable for B, C and D classes

• Concrete berth 50 meters
• Depth 5,2 meters
• Suitable for B and C classes

• 200 meters iron dolphins
• Depth 6,5 meters
• Suitable for B, C and D classes as well as small A classes


190 meters wood dolphins
• Depth 6 meters
• Suitable for A, B, C and D classes

Alongside Åland Yacht Club
• Will host most of the C and D classes
• Toilets, showers and saunas

Berth 1 and 2
• Concrete quay
• Inside ISPS area, terminal with toilets
• Length 250 meters
• Depth 8,2 meters
• Suitable for A and B classes

Korrvik Fishing harbour
• Concrete quay 2 x 100 meters
• Depth 6 meters
• Suitable for B, C and D classes as well as small A classes

If there is a need to moor ships off the Möckelö shoreline, there will of course be a shuttle boat service available. It will also be possible to moor in the East Harbour, just a kilometres short walk from the West Harbour through the pedestrian friendly town centre.