The Town of Mariehamn is the first municipality in Finland to have obtained the international ISO14001-certification, for managing its environmental impacts and responsibilities. This together with our heritage as  an island in the baltic sea, an important part of the Tall Ships Races in Mariehamn is to create a more sustainable event.

Sustainability focus and goals

Event area

  • Family friendly festival
  • Free entry to the entire area
  • Important key words: collaboration, inclusion, equality, locally produced, minimize the use of plastic
  • The event area is decorated with recycled materials as far as possible
  • Reuse of materials from Sail Åland 2021: signs, blankets, etc.
  • Sustainable activities, which can be reused
  • Water stations
  • Dustbins, sorting and emptying
  • Use of existing buildings


  • Physical - all visitors can get around the area and participate in activities
  • Social - all visitors feel welcome and treated with respect
  • Technical - sound systems, information on the web, etc


  • Safety for all
  • Security planning
  • First Aid in collaboration with the Red Cross
  • Cooperation with the rescue service, the hospital, the border guard and the maritime rescue
  • The police have been informed about our project
  • Contacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence

Food and drinks

  • "Bring your own waterbottle" - tap branded event (Kranmärkt)
  • Information about what food is served (origin, allergies, content, etc.)
  • Vegetarian options
  • Prioritize locally and locally produced goods
  • Use environmentally friendly disposable items
  • Leftover food → crew center, ships, local food bank, etc

These are only a few of our focus points for sustainability that is most visible for you as a visitor. We have several focus points also regarding volunteers, waste and recycling, communication, transport and renewable energy.

We strive to involve ships, volunteers and guests so that they also contribute to a sustainable event.


  • How does the project affect Åland?
  • Volunteers, vendors, visitors, partners, sponsors, Sail Training International and others.
  • Measurable goals, e.g. economic, overnight stays.