Event Area


Mariehamn is easy to discover by foot. It is only a ten-minute walk trough the Esplanade from one harbour to the other. All ships during the Tall Ships Races 2024 will be moored within a 1 km area.

  1. Main event area. Open hours, Wednesday–Saturday, 24–27.7.
    • Markets 11 AM to 8 PM
    • Restaurants 11 AM to midnight.
  2. Viewing point Badhusberget

  3. Captain’s briefing,
    Åland Maritime Museum

  4. Media Centre 

  5. Crew Centre

  6. Crew Party at the Town Square

  7. Captain’s Dinner at the Town Hall 

  8. Åland Museum 

  9. Lilla holmen, one of four beaches in town
  10. Public Library 

  11. Maritime Quarter, the home of AlbanusAlanta and Emelia 

  12. Sports & Beach Party at Mariebad Swimming &
    Wellness Centre with sand beach