Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2021 care about your integrity and work to gain your trust. An important part of this is to inform about what type of personal data we are storing, and why we do this.

So what are cookies and locally stored data - and why do we do this?

When browsing the web on a computer, a phone or a tablet - the browser automatically stores information about your site visits. This could be choices you make on the web site, so you don’t have to do them all over again when returning - such as language settings or similar. This type of data is stored locally on your browser and can be used by us to serve more personalised content for you.

One version of this, is the so called cookies. We store data (statistics) in cookies to better track your choices on this web site, and serve better content for you. The data is not available for any singular individual in our organisation to inspect.

How can I control what is stored about me?

You can edit the settings of your web browser, or use specialised software to control cookie settings.

In the settings of your browser you can completely disable cookies or third party cookies. Please note that the site will not function properly without these settings.