Month: June 2020

Alandia Sponsors Tall Ships Mariehamn

We are really happy to announce our collaboration with Alandia. Alandia sponsors Tall Ships Races in Mariehamn the 22th – 25th of July 2021. We are very happy to be involved in the Tall Ships Races 2021 as a marine insurance company with over 80 years of history and with roots and headquarters on the…
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The Best of Åland!

During Tall Ships Races you, as a craftsman, food craftsman or food producer, have the opportunity to shine in the spotlight. Hundreds of vessels, thousands of visitors, Ålanders and approximately 3000 crew members fill Mariehamn when Tall Ships Races are organized in July next summer! Put Åland on the map as a thriving and sustainable…
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Ömsen – Main sponsor of Tall Ships Races Mariehamn

Ömsen is the main sponsor of Tall Ships Races Mariehamn Tall Ships Mariehamn proudly present our main sponsor – Ömsen. Ömsen contributes to an active and sustainable society in several different ways here on the Åland Islands. Ömsen is an important part of the community building on the  Åland Islands through investments in local projects…
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Deck events – rent a ship!

Unforgettable events aboard – deck events The world’s largest and most spectacular sailing ships visits Mariehamn during the Tall Ships Races 2021. This is the perfect opportunity for you to organise an unforgettable event in an unique environment. In the front line While the harbour is buzzing with happy cheerful people, music and fireworks, you…
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400 days to go!

Wow!!! Today it’s just 400 days left until Mariehamn and Åland get to experience something spectacular – The Tall Ships Races arrives summer 2021 and will enlighten our beautiful sea farer town with laughter, party and togetherness during four days! And it is just that – togetherness – that sets the tone for this event.…
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