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Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 1988. Photo by Daniel Eriksson.

Mariehamn changes focus to a maritime event

There will be a great event in Mariehamn 22-25 July 2021, including food, beverages, merchants and entertainment. The city will, however, not host The Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2021 this year. We set aim for The Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2024 instead, says City Council chairman Ingrid Zetterman. The City Council has come to the…
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Covid-19 and The Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2021

Here at The Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2021, we carefully follow the development of the Covid-19 situation. As a local project organisation we have a marginal impact on national regulations created due to Covid-19, but our close relationship with regional officials gives us flexibility and adaptability to arrange a Corona-safe event summer 2021. As of…
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Trainees out at sea

As The Tall Ships Races got cancelled 2020 due to the Covid-19 crises, many eager sail trainees where left at bay. However – The city of Mariehamn and Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2021 stepped in with their sponsors, Ömsen and Alandia to get some wannabe-sailors out on the water. So, on the 15th of July,…
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Alandia Sponsors Tall Ships Mariehamn

We are really happy to announce our collaboration with Alandia. Alandia sponsors Tall Ships Races in Mariehamn the 22th – 25th of July 2021. We are very happy to be involved in the Tall Ships Races 2021 as a marine insurance company with over 80 years of history and with roots and headquarters on the…
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400 days to go!

Wow!!! Today it’s just 400 days left until Mariehamn and Åland get to experience something spectacular – The Tall Ships Races arrives summer 2021 and will enlighten our beautiful sea farer town with laughter, party and togetherness during four days! And it is just that – togetherness – that sets the tone for this event.…
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Proud Host Port

Today, the international organisation behind the Tall Ships Race announced that Mariehamn will be one of the host ports in the races in 2021. – Finally! The decision from Sail Training International has been delayed a bit, but they confirmed to us early on that our application was complete and answered everything they needed to…
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Application for the Tall Ships Races

Mariehamn is competing to be “Host Port” when Tall Ships Races is organised in the Baltic Sea region in 2021. – We decided to create an application that feels personal and welcoming, because that’s how we intend for the event to be, says Mari Rosenqvist, project manager during the application process. The application contains greetings…
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Letter of intent

During the Sail Training International’s annual conference last weekend, the letter of intent was delivered by hand to the organisation’s chairman Douglas Prothero. The Town of Mariehamn will compete to be the “Host Port” when the Tall Ship Race returns to the Baltic Sea region in 2021. The letter of intent has been signed by…
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