Our sponsor Mariehamns Energi

Marieehamns Energi

Mariehamns Energi Ab has proudly chosen to be a service sponsor for the Tall Ship Races 2024, and the decision is based on several important factors that interact to strengthen society and promote sustainability, says Robert Kjellberg, CEO of the company.

He notes that the Tall Ship Races not only draw attention to Åland and Mariehamn as a destination, but also highlight the maritime culture and traditions.

In addition, the Tall Ship Races are a platform for promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in shipping. Mariehamns Energi, which strives to be a leading player in sustainable energy solutions, sees this as an opportunity to support events that focus on environmentally friendly aspects of shipping and raise awareness of the need to minimize the impact on the oceans and its ecosystems.

The maritime sector plays a central role in Åland’s economy and identity. By supporting the Tall Ship Races in 2024, Mariehamns Energi shows its commitment to contributing to the growth and well-being of the region. The event not only provides an opportunity for economic growth through increased tourism and business activity, but it also promotes a positive image of Åland as an attractive place to live and work.

Mariehamns Energi Ab is one of the wholly owned companies in the Town of Mariehamn group. The Town of Mariehamn was certified as the first municipality in Finland in January 2011 to follow the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. The environmental certification also covers the towns wholly owned companies, such as Mariehamns Energi.