Unique stamp and FDC for Tall Ships Races


A stamp, a first-day envelope, a postcard and two unique first day covers (FDC). It is a contribution to the Tall Ships Races Mariehamn from Åland Post.

The artist of the stamp is the popular artist and skipper Allan Palmer, who has created multiple memorable Åland stamp motifs since 1988. The entire issue named The Tall Ships Mariehamn is launched on the same day that the Tall Ships Races start in Mariehamn, Wednesday 24 July 2024.

– The stamp motif highlights the fellowship and education that young people receive on board a traditional sailing ship, which is the central focus of the sailing competition, says Johanna Finne, Marketing Design Manager for stamps at Åland Post.

One first day cancel shows a stylized version of three sailing ships and the other The first day cancel shows a stylized version of two young people at a ship helm and the text “The Tall Ships Races” below. You can buy these unique stamps, post cards and FDCs at Åland Post in Mariehamn when you visit, they will also be available for online purchase at Åland Post – Åland Stamps (alandstamps.com)


About the release

Edition name: The Tall Ships Races

Release date: 24 July 2024

Stamp artist: Allan Palmer

Included in the edition

  • a stamp (denomination “world” €3.40)
  • a first-day envelope (which can only be sent exclusively on the day of issue)
  • a maximum card (a postcard where postage to the whole world is included in the price of the card)
  • a first day stamp and a special stamp are the two unique stamps available on the day of issue

History of the postal service on Åland

Postal operations have been carried out on Åland ever since 1638, at that time Finland and Åland belonged to Sweden. For a long time, the business was about the so-called “mail forwarding obligation”. It took until 1866 before the two post offices in Kastelholm and Eckerö were joined by the post office in Mariehamn. It was in 1984 that Åland got its own stamps. In 1993, through an amendment to the Self-Government Act, Åland finally got its own post office, which is now called Åland Post. Åland Post Ltd is owned by the Government of Åland.

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