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Två personer med gåvåkassar

Ömsen – key sponsor

We are very proud to announce one more key sponsor for Tall Ships Mariehamn 2024. We are fortunate to have Ömsen as a sponsor again, the organisation who committed themselves as the main sponsor of the event 2021 when it was originally supposed to take place. – By participating in The Tall Ships Races, young…
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projektdeltagare framför Pommern en solig vinterdag

Do you want to join us?

The Port Committée and Executive Committe have been actively planning for the Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2024 since the fall of 2022. Now is the time to find  all those who want to join the community those who will be contributing to the Tall Ships Races Mariehamn. We need many volunteers, vendors to the event…
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Arne signing the contract

One step closer

The Town of Mariehamn has officially signed the contract which means that the Tall Ships Regatta will visit Mariehamn in July 2024 during the races in the Baltic Sea. It was a sunny and hot day when we visited the Mayor of Mariehamn in the Town Hall and witnessed him sign the contract between the…
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Host Port Logo Mariehamn

Tall Ships Races 2024 in Mariehamn

On October 20th, the international organisation Sail Training International (STI)announced that Mariehamn will be one of the host ports in 2024. – When this year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic, we immediately informed STI that Mariehamn wanted to be a candidate for 2024, says Barbara Heinonen, Mayor of the Town of Mariehamn. Tall…
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Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 1988. Photo by Daniel Eriksson.

Mariehamn changes focus to a maritime event

There will be a great event in Mariehamn 22-25 July 2021, including food, beverages, merchants and entertainment. The city will, however, not host The Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2021 this year. We set aim for The Tall Ships Races Mariehamn 2024 instead, says City Council chairman Ingrid Zetterman. The City Council has come to the…
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Proud Host Port

Today, the international organisation behind the Tall Ships Race announced that Mariehamn will be one of the host ports in the races in 2021. – Finally! The decision from Sail Training International has been delayed a bit, but they confirmed to us early on that our application was complete and answered everything they needed to…
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Application for the Tall Ships Races

Mariehamn is competing to be “Host Port” when Tall Ships Races is organised in the Baltic Sea region in 2021. – We decided to create an application that feels personal and welcoming, because that’s how we intend for the event to be, says Mari Rosenqvist, project manager during the application process. The application contains greetings…
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Letter of intent

During the Sail Training International’s annual conference last weekend, the letter of intent was delivered by hand to the organisation’s chairman Douglas Prothero. The Town of Mariehamn will compete to be the “Host Port” when the Tall Ship Race returns to the Baltic Sea region in 2021. The letter of intent has been signed by…
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